Find Your Inner Balance :: Importance of Oral Health Care

05 Jan

Oral Health Care Balance - Dr. Zuerlein Cosmetic Dentist - Omaha, NebraskaWe have all heard time and time again the importance of finding a life balance. One that balances work with pleasure and is mindful of nutrition and a healthy diet. This is the macro level inner balance. At the micro level, small imbalances in the pH of your blood can create changes in the pH level of your saliva, altering your mouth’s environment. In other words, your oral health care can impact and be impacted by your overall health. Here’s how…

Plague ::

Is the thin film on your teeth, is a biofilm and bacterial ecosystem within the larger bionetwork of your mouth and body. If the scales tip so that good bacteria are overtaken by those that are harmful, red swollen gums that bleed easily, gum and bone recession and tooth loss can occur.

Tartar ::

Is the conspicuous, cement like substance that plaque hardens into if you would allow it to build up. Tartar can break the natural protective seal that your gums provide, allowing oral bacteria into your bloodstream. Toxic bacteria from your gum infection can trigger your immune system and wear it down.

Gum Disease ::

Has been linked to systemic and inflammatory diseases including heart and stroke, osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancers and lung diseases.

Micro level balance is directly impacted by your overall macro level balance. Find the balance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle coupled with a solid oral health care routine!

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