Dental Vibe

Dental Vibe Technology - Brian Z. Dental Cosmetic Dentist, Omaha, NEDiscover the Future of Pain-Free Dental Injections…Today.

DentalVibe® is a patented, award winning multipurpose instrument designed to block the pain of intra-oral injections. It is a patented, cordless, rechargeable, hand held device that delivers soothing, pulsed, percussive micro-oscillations, to “shake up” the site where an injection is being given, distracting a patient from feeling pain.

Here is what some of our patients are saying:

Great – No pain at all {Valerie}

Painless {Mary}

Dr. Zuerlein is an amazing dentist and with tools like this he is even better! {Mark}

It didn’t hurt at all! {Susan}

Very pleasant surprise… No sense of pain when anesthetic administered by syringe. {James}