Restore Your Smile And Look Your Best With Crowns

01 Nov

You deserve to look and feel your best! Live life to the fullest with a happy and healthy smile!

If damaged, discolored or missing teeth make you hide your smile, let Dr. Zuerlein help you bring back your self-confidence with durable, natural-looking crowns.

We offer three different options when it comes to crowns, suitable for all needs:

  • Single Crown :: Cover an unattractive or damaged tooth to improve it’s appearance, shape, function, and color.
  • Bridge :: Replace one or more missing teeth with a natural-looking artificial tooth to alleviate bit stress and help retain the shape of your face.
  • Implant Restoration :: Crowns, when used with a dental implant are long-lasting, non-removable enhancements that fill gaps and stop bone loss.

We are here to help you not only look your best, but feel your best! Contact us today and let’s help get your self-confidence back!

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