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Oral Habits That Could Result In Damage To Your Teeth and Smile

03 May
Damaging Habits - Brian Zuerlein DDS

While your teeth are the strongest material in your body, over your lifetime they are subject to habits and wearing, which could cause problems like receding gums, enamel loss, cavities, and gum disease. Why rush this process through habits that can be harmful or damaging? Here is a list of common habits that could cause […]

Easy Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Cavities

22 Feb

Reducing your risk of cavities is much easier than you might think. Practicing good oral hygiene routines is a start, but making mindful choices about what you do (or do not) put into your mouth can also help minimize your risk of cavities. Here are a few practical (and simple) tips for keeping cavities away! […]

Don’t Be So Sensitive! Treating Tooth Sensitivity.

29 Jun
Treating Tooth Sensitivity To Hot and Cold - Brian Zuerlein DDS - Omaha Cosmetic Dentist

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity cased by temperature extremes? Is it painful to sip on hot coffee or eat a bowl of ice cream? If drinking or eating hot or cold food makes you wince, then you probably have “sensitive teeth.” Sensitivity to temperature can have many causes including: Cavities Tooth grinding W0rn enamel Exposed […]

Adult Fluoride? Yes Adults Need Fluoride Too!

14 Jun
Adult Fluoride - Preventative Dentistry - Omaha Cosmetic Dentist - Dr. Brian Zuerlein

There is an assumption that only kids need Fluoride, when in actuality adults can see major benefits in regularly receiving Adult Fluoride treatments. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health (Winn et al, 1996) 38.2% of adults over 55 have experienced at least one incident of root caries. Even as young as […]

The Canary System and Early Tooth Decay Detection

21 May
Hygienist Using Canary

The Canary System is the latest technology in early tooth decay detection on any tooth surface even when x-ray can’t find it!  Last a lifetime! That’s what we all want for our teeth, and that’s why Zuerlein Dental continues to invest in new diagnostic technology. The latest innovation is a device called The Canary System, and we’re one […]