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Don’t Be So Sensitive! Treating Tooth Sensitivity.

29 Jun
Treating Tooth Sensitivity To Hot and Cold - Brian Zuerlein DDS - Omaha Cosmetic Dentist

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity cased by temperature extremes? Is it painful to sip on hot coffee or eat a bowl of ice cream? If drinking or eating hot or cold food makes you wince, then you probably have “sensitive teeth.” Sensitivity to temperature can have many causes including: Cavities Tooth grinding W0rn enamel Exposed […]

Adult Fluoride? Yes Adults Need Fluoride Too!

14 Jun
Adult Fluoride - Preventative Dentistry - Omaha Cosmetic Dentist - Dr. Brian Zuerlein

There is an assumption that only kids need Fluoride, when in actuality adults can see major benefits in regularly receiving Adult Fluoride treatments. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health (Winn et al, 1996) 38.2% of adults over 55 have experienced at least one incident of root caries. Even as young as […]