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Easy Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Cavities

22 Feb

Reducing your risk of cavities is much easier than you might think. Practicing good oral hygiene routines is a start, but making mindful choices about what you do (or do not) put into your mouth can also help minimize your risk of cavities. Here are a few practical (and simple) tips for keeping cavities away! […]

Apples Are Good For Your Teeth

15 Sep
Apples Are Good For Your Health and Teeth - Dr. Zuerlein Omaha Cosmetic Dentist

Bring On The Crunch… Apples packed with fiber and nutrients, and did you know that their crunch is good for your teeth?  When fresh and crisp, fruit brushes away plaque, helping to fight cavities. So crunch away…and enjoy them with this calcium-rich dip that promotes strong bones and teeth while delivering disease-fighting antioxidants! Caramel Dip […]

Fighting Oral Cancer Through A Healthy Lifestyle

18 Apr
Oral Cancer Prevention Through A Healthy Lifestyle, Omaha Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Zuerlein

An important step towards oral cancer prevention is healthy lifestyle choices. For the majority of people who do not use tobacco, dietary choices and physical activity are two of the controllable factors of cancer risk. Here are the American Cancer Society’s recommendations for preventing oral cancer and achieving a healthy lifestyle: Eat a variety of […]